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Which Size Rental Trucks To Rent

What Size Of Rental Truck Should You Get

If you have to get a rental truck for making a move, you are probably wondering what size of truck to get. The larger ones cost more and can be harder to drive, but if you have a lot of furniture to move, a larger truck might be a necessity.According to the Penske truck company, you can choose your rental truck size according to the number of household rooms of furniture you will be transporting.

Of course, the amount of furniture included in each room is going to be an average, since a small bedroom won’t contain as much stuff as a large family room. Still, the number of rooms, or even the square footage of house, can serve as a rule of thumb for choosing rental truck sizes.

Penske truck has a "wizard" on their website which you can use to get an even more accurate estimate of the size of truck you will need. On this wizard, you can check off the things you have to pack and how many there are of each, whether it is tall bookcases or medium sized boxes. These items are listed according to room. Running your belongings through the Penske truck wizard is an interesting project at the least, and quite enlightening as far as giving you an estimate of rental truck size for your household.

Penske advertises that their trucks have more floor space which leads to more space for your belongings inside the rental truck. They say that other trucks have wheel wells that eat up space, and also that other companies count the cabover section as part of the square footage of the rental truck.

Budget or Budget truck rental also includes information on their website for choosing the right size of rental truck for your needs. Their cargo van is suggested for moving 1 to 2 rooms of furnishings, and their 10-ft. truck is advertised as the same. The 16 foot rental truck is recommended for 3-4 rooms, and the 24 ft. truck is for 5 to 8 rooms of furnishings.

The Budget truck rental cargo van would have the advantage of being easier to maneuver, but it does have less space inside for storing cargo. Like Penske, their other trucks do not have wheel wells eating up space in the back. An extra benefit to using a rental truck instead of a cargo van is that the trucks feature interior slats for attaching bungee cords and strapping to keep objects in place in the truck. All the Budget truck rental vehicles feature AM/FM radio, air conditioning, automatic transmission, and power steering and brakes, for the comfort of the driver.

Choosing the right size of rental truck doesn’t have to be a mysterious, complicated procedure. Thanks to the wizards and charts available on the Budget and Penske truck rental websites, you should be able to make a good estimate of the size of truck you will need for your move.

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