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Renting a Trailer

Renting A Trailer For Your Move

rental trailersIn cases where a move is to be made but there aren’t that many household things to pack, a rental trailer can be a viable alternative to a full rental truck. There are some serious cautions, however, as well as regulations that have to be followed to rent a trailer.

Renting a trailer for moving can be a good option for some families, but pulling a trailer is not as easy as it may look. In many ways a rental truck, or especially a cargo van, is easier to maneuver and simply safer.


There are many things about trailers that make them unsafe, and according to the 23 page U-Haul manual for rental trailer customers, 45 mph is your maximum recommended speed. At this rate it might take a while to get to your new home, especially if it is halfway across the country.

Another safety consideration with getting a rental trailer instead of a rental truck is that you are not permitted to rent one if you are planning to pull it with a soft topped vehicle, such as a convertible or some jeeps. Jeeps tend to be light weight vehicles anyway, but there are other dangers when pulling a trailer. Most notable is that the exhaust from the vehicle will swirl around and get sucked into the interior of the car, making it unsafe to breathe.

Not only are certain vehicles unsafe and high speeds not allowed, there are also specific instructions that must be followed in proper packing of a rental trailer. The requirements for packing a rental truck are not as specific, and it is not as easy to have problems just getting a rental truck, as it is to have them while pulling a trailer.

The car you use for pulling a rental trailer will need to be equipped with a trailer hitch. These can be purchased from the rental truck company. Trailer hitches that work with most commonly available forms of rental trailer include those that are 1 3/4 inch wide, 2 inches wide, and 2 1/4 inch wide.

If you are pulling the rental trailer with a van, you need to put 60 percent or more of the load in the first half of the trailer. This can be large, heavy items like appliances or boxes of books. Lighter objects and boxes can be placed toward the rear of the trailer. Always balance rental truck loads.

Renting a trailer is a cheaper option than getting a rental truck, but considering the hassle of having to meet all the safety requirements and having to drive only 45 mph, getting a rental truck probably appeals to more people.

Renting a trailer for a move can save money for the smaller family, but it’s an option that brings out more safety issues than merely getting a rental truck. Perhaps a smaller cargo van is the best option of all for smaller households that don’t have that much to move.

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